Hi guys! I’m Karen. And I love to cook.  I have no special training, so sometimes I really do feel like a food charlatan.  I especially like dessert.  One of these days my metabolism is going to slow down, all my calories are going to catch up with me, and I will turn into a blimp. If, in a few years, you see a human-like figure rolling down the street in jogging shorts, you will know that the worst has happened.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen, I LOVE your blog!! It’s fabulous and fun and you are a great writer, a good cook and very funny. Your food pictures look great too. I am SO impressed with your adventure. Go fo it girl!

  2. This blog is terrible! And by terrible, I mean that I want to make every single recipe and thus become a blimp myself because my metabolism is already starting to slow down… But it will all be worth it. Great photos! Great blog! :)

  3. Hi Karen,
    Just found your blog while googling “strawberry glace pie”. With a freezer full of strawberries, I tried your recipe. Nice touch to add a cream cheese bottom! Well, the filling tasted sublime but was a bit runny on account of the frozen fruit. Note to self, next time use more cornstarch to compensate for additonal moisture.
    Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    • Thanks Esther! That is actually really good to know since I can see myself getting desperate for this pie in some future winter when fresh strawberries are $8 a pound. And in the end, who really cares about a runny pie anyway? Just gives you more of an excuse for licking your plate.

  4. Frustino“credo che ADELINA le abbia portato le cifre .…aggiungo en passant, che il vero cristiano guarda a se stesso e alle proprie miserie e alle proprie colpe: la responsabilità morale è inddiiuale.â€ÂvE’ sicuro che non si sta contraddicendo ? Se il vero cristiano guarda a se stesso perché fa riferimento alle cifre altrui ?

  5. Morinin’ GangIt’s another beautiful day here at the beach, I just got back from putting up the umbrella, two squatters were already in place. Gonna’ finish up the coffe pot and swap my towels and then grab my book and head for the beach. Y’all behave.

Thanks for the comments, foodies!

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